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Card for granddaughter Alexandra's baptism

Stamping and parchment

Peeloff sticker with parchment

Bonnet card I made for my 1st granddaughter

Photo frame I made

My dd Janine's 21st birthday card

Fan card I made for Lorraine Smith in SA

Green leaves vellum and cutwork

Pattern I designed, you may add anything to it to your liking, have fun

Feather card, frame designed by Lorraine Smith from SA for our guild newsletter

This lady is traced on parchment paper with a fine stamp embossing pen and then embossed with gold powder, perforations on grid

pstrips11.jpg (7761 bytes)
Card I made with off cut pieces of parchment, dorsed and added a 3D pic

Hands on vellum, I embossed a few, left top's writing is done again with my fine embossing pen.

Cutout squares with corrugated stamping leaves inside, cover from leaves vellum

This card was made by using my stencil and blowpens, embossed and perforated on the grid. Blowpens are a felttip pen and you can blow from the one side to splash the ink onto the card.

African card for the Harrogate exhibition in UK

My dancer card for the Harrogate exhibition in UK

Bookmark pattern on my parchment main page

Irisfolding done with scraps of parchment paper on black vellumpaper

Christmas napkin, cut out and glued onto parchment and embossed

Feather card

Butterfly card for Marion in Zimbabwe

Card I made for Pauline, Singapore

Oriental work done with purple pearl paint

Heart pattern from Lorraine Smith, South Africa, paperpricking on the corners of card

Exquisite pattern from Carla Prediger Trasel pattern pack nr111

One of my favourite heart patterns
pframe22.jpg (4644 bytes)
Photoframe I made for Pauline from Singapore

Frame for my daughters weddingphoto from Carla Prediger Trasel pattern pack "Dreams & Poetry"

Pattern by Lorraine Smith from South Africa

Pattern from Pergamano world nr 34

Pineapple pattern, whitework

Fans made for a swap, ostrich feathers added for flair

Little boxes we made for my dd wedding, pattern from Carla Prediger Trasel
"Little boxes"

Pattern made up by various techniques and different patterns

Beautiful battenburg fan, pattern from Emily Younkins pattern pack

Card for my daughters birthday

Frame from the Carla Larter book

Lacy pattern from the Carla Larter book

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